Mechanical fixture inserts Bergamo

Insert holders and Inserts

By working with modern materials with high resistence and hard workability, the tooling equipment increasingly requires greater reliability, and the interchangeability of the tools themselves.

For this reason, C.R.M. production in Bergamo offers various types of indexable inserts, of various sizes and applications.

  • Shaped inserts
  • Multiple contour inserts
  • Inserts with chip breaking system

These indexable inserts are just some of the solutions that the company proposes, to the benefit of the client for lathe machining, transfer and machining centres.

special lathe 1 hole inserts
1 Hole inserts

The use of specially developed 1 hole special inserts reduces insert change time and quota change times, with great manufacturing advantages.

two hole fixture insert tools
2 Hole Inserts

The dual screws indexable tools is functional to the various needs of lathe machining, designed and customized by our staff.

indexable inserts Bergamo
Data File

Discover the technical features of C.R.M.'s indexable inserts, designed and manufactured to fit any machining purpose.

triangle lathe inserts
Triangle Inserts Z3

For lathe machining operations, these triangle inserts have 3 cutting edges in one. They are designed with durable materials, cutting dimensions and for the shaping of edges.

insert tool holders
Insert holders

Among the special tools of our production, there are insert holder accessories for even more productive machining.