prismatic lathe tools Bergamo

Prismatic and Calibrator Tools

Dedicated to the external turning of any contour, our prismatic tools in brazed carbide are a guarantee of high quality and effective machining.

Prismatic tools are part of a wide range of C.R.M. products, ranging from flat to dovetail prismatic attachments, to the most varied types of calibrator, provided, if necessary, with the suitable rollers.

  • The dovetail prismatic tools are created for multi-spindle lathes and plunge milling: workpiece machining takes place in one stroke due to the fact that production times are reduced by the dovetail attachment.
  • The special flat prismatic tools are also intended for plunge milling on a multi-spindle lathe, adapting to any material to be machined and with customized coatings

Both the flat and the dovetail prismatic tools are produced according to the protocols of the BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFICATION

prismatic and calibrator tools bergamo
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Discover the technical features of the prismatic and calibrator tools, made with quality materials, with technologically advanced machining and according to the needs of lathe machining.