Knurling Tools Bergamo

Knurling Tools

Our technical department develops projects and productions designed for knurling, the tool production process dedicated to the engraving of the metal surface of an implement in order to create the knurl.

The knurling tool, the implement used for knurling, consists of a stem that supports the little wheels, and on the wheels fine grooves are cut.

Just like a lathe tool, the knurling tool engraves thin lines on the piece being worked, without removing shavings, making the tapping roll the retracing for the relief design.

Amongst our products are:

  • rollers in HSS for special knurling tools
  • polishing rollers
  • specialized rolling equipment.

We also make the relevant roller holders, with form and size customized for every customer's needs.

knurling tools Bergamo
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Discover the technical features of our production of knurling tools, designed for every lathe machining need, with rollers and rolling equipment.