creation of standard tip tools Bergamo

Standard Drills

C.R.M. makes a range of special drills for machining of details in different materials.

We offer the design and production of standard roughing and finishing drills with or without lubrication/refrigeration holes.

These are tips available in any diameter and structure:

  • helix drills
  • spearhead drills
  • butterfly drills
  • cannon drills

These tools are used for single-spindle or multi-spindle lathe machining, transfers and machining centres, in particular cannon and spearhead tips - which facilitate the evacuation of shavings in mechanical processing.

Cannon drills enable the creation of precision holes, without the need for other finishing processes and with lower costs compared to the helix drills.

standard tip tools Bergamo
Standard Drills
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Discover the technical features of the standard drill tools of C.R.M., designed and created for machining needs on various types of materials, lathes and work centres.