shaped broaches Bergamo


C.R.M.’s production is highly specialized for the supply of shaped broaching tools for internal and external contours.

The broaches can be made in solid carbide, brazing or HSS, especially for multi-spindle lathes.
They are made with steel discs with a central hole, to define the contour to be obtained in the manufacturing phase.

Our production of broaching tools can be customized for the hole, based on the requirements of the client, to supply specially tailored tools, with coatings researched for all the different materials to be worked.

They can be used on CNC machines on broaching heads, special tools that will allow broaches to rotate on the same number of revolutions of the part worked on, by dragging or by the motion of the broaching tool holder.

Both the external contour broaches and the internal ones are produced with highly technological machinery, following the procedures of the BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFICATION.

broach tools production Bergamo
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Discover the technical features of our broach tools, resulting from the expertise of our highly qualified technicians in the tool manufacturing industry.