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Shaped Drills

The production of CRM tools comprises of the production of shaped drills for roughing and finishing, with or without holes for lubrication/refrigeration.

The constructive features of our tips are custom designed, depending on the customer's needs.

We consider the material to be machined and the type of work to be performed, for a design of shaped drills of various types:

  • helix shaped drills
  • spearhead shaped drills
  • butterfly shaped drills
  • cannon shaped drills
  • counterborers and countersinks.

At our headquarters in Ponte San Pietro, in the province of Bergamo, our selection of special shaped tips makes it possible to process steel, cast iron, aluminum in a short time thanks to the cutting geometries perfected, to the customized coatings and to the use in lathe machining.

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Shaped Tips
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Discover the technical features of our shaped tips for roughing and finishing, customized for the needs of the clients and for every type of mechanical processing.