IMG Easy Load

Amongst our partner companies, IMG EASY LOAD is a business that constructs automatic chargers of bars for multi-spindle lathes – products adapted for the production of small metallics of high quality and quantity.

Furthermore, the business buys, inspects and sells multi-spindle lathes equipped with guarantees and CE certification.

IMG Easy Load Srl is formed by competent professionals who use multi-spindle lathes, who can create a strong specialization, and who have a proven structure of production, distribution and service management in the search for solutions that best meet customer needs.

IMG Attachments

One of the largest lathe users suppliers, the IMG Attachments company provides high quality and practical products in the sector of tool holders, apparatuses and accessories for multi-spindle lathes – that are quick and easy to change, and presettable.

The key to its success on the domestic and international market is the validity of the production, which is distributed by a selected sales and service network in many countries.